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Saksa Automaatika – Welcome to Fusebox partners network!

Our network is expanding! We welcome Saksa Automaatika to be part of our partners network. Company is Siemens AG’s authorized Solution Partner and creates automation solutions for the process and manufacturing industries. They operate in the best spirit of the Industry 4.0 concept, integrating the communication of human and systems into a single, secure entity throughout the project lifecycle. 

Saksa Automaatika and Fusebox combine their skills to promote smarter device management and green thinking among business consumers. Among companies, who are able to change their devices smarter, earn additional income and savings through smart management of electricity consumption. As a result, the security of supply of the Estonian electricity market will be improved. This is one of the solutions that contributes to the global Net to Zero movement to change today’s electricity consumption behavior. 

Are you interested in joining our global partners network?
Contact Reio Orasmäe, our Partner Relations Manager and find out how! 

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