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With Fusebox’s SaaS platform for energy management, you can easily integrate and access new energy markets, while also reducing CO2 emissions and maximizing profitability.
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Fusebox’s offers energy management platform for the following electricity stakeholders

Energy retailers

Optimize profitability and reduce CO2 emissions with our comprehensive SaaS solution, specially designed for energy service providers.

Asset aggregators

Increase retention with our smart SaaS software, offering flexible services that generate revenue, reduce CO2 emissions, and provide consumption insights.

Asset owners

Optimize flexible consumption of electrical assets with our software to generate revenue, lower energy bills, and reduce CO2 emissions.

Original Equipment Manufacturers

Imagine if your electrical products not only reduce CO2 emissions, but also generate revenue from the energy market. Fusebox’s software makes this a reality, helping you stand out and offer an innovative solution.

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How does it work?

With Fusebox’s innovative software, your electricity consumption is automatically shifted away from peak hours, resulting in an average savings of 20% on your monthly energy bill. Additionally, this results in a reduction of approximately 40 tons of CO2 emissions annually.

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How much you can benefit

Industrial complexes


revenue made from electricity bill

Whatever your industrial segment, our software helps regulate your compressors, pumps and production lines



increased revenue

Give your battery superpowers by installing Fusebox’s software. We will maximize your investments by actively trading with your battery assets on the energy market

Cold Storages


revenue made from electricity bill

Make your cold compressors, pumps and HVAC system work for you by installing Fusebox’s software

Climate control


revenue made from electricity bill

We can reduce your heat pump’s energy consumption by over 50% during peak demand hours without affecting the quality of its work

Commercial buildings


revenue made from electricity bill

Whether you own a shopping center, an office building or a hotel, our software helps to reduce your energy bill by over 10%

EV chargers


revenue made from electricity bill

Don’t just save the planet by driving green – Fusebox’s software helps you reduce your CO2 emissions and energy bill during charging as well

Our mission

Our mission is to enable a sustainable and affordable energy transition by turning conventional electrical appliances into virtual batteries. This new and highly controllable dimension makes the electricity system more robust and less dependent on polluting peaker power plants. The outcome is a cleaner future with lower energy prices and higher energy security.