Fusebox has been selected to participate in the Rockstart accelerator

The Estonian government will pay you up to 5000€ per MWh for being flexible

Dumb EV Chargers Will Go Extinct: Here’s Why

Lithuanian Consumers Lost 2 Million Euros In a Day Due To High Energy Prices

Maxima LT Partners Up With Fusebox To Save Up To 100 Tons Of CO2 Annually

Norway Can Learn a Thing Or Two From Estonia In Optimizing Energy Use

The Challenges Facing the Real Estate Sector in 2022

Fusebox can now balance energy 5 times more efficiently

Energy storage systems can now be integrated with the Fusebox virtual power plant platform

Fusebox's customers demand response earning grew tenfold

Ten-fold increase in Fusebox client earnings

Demand response market trends

Four key trends accelerating demand response adoption

Electricity demand response solution available for EG EnerKey’s customers

Experienced CFO Ahto Pärl joined Fusebox

Postimees: Fusebox Industry 2021

Fusebox pays to businesses for saving on energy costs

Fusebox was selected to the Baltics sustainability challenge FutureHub 2nd

Fusebox won the Siemens Future Buildings Hackathon at World Expo

How to manage electricity consumption?

How to manage electricity consumption?

State Visit to Kenya

Fusebox participated in State Visit to Kenya

EV charging stations to be tested for the first time for balancing the electricity system

Trinity eetris: Tarvo Õng

Model documents help start-ups to avoid stupid work

partnership fusebox saksa automaatika

Saksa Automaatika – Welcome to Fusebox partners network!

Fusebox raised 1.3 million euros.

Energy startup Fusebox raised 1.3 million euros

Fusebox part of AI4Cities challenge

Fusebox among 41 suppliers to be selected by AI4Cities

Energy innovation

Radio program “Energy Hour”: Focus on innovation

Developing energy storage systems with demand response

FuseBox and Pixii joined forces to develop energy storage systems with demand response

Estonia’s largest ice-cream producer is using Fusebox’s virtual power plant solution

Power Plant

An Estonian invention can render the heating and cooling systems of large buildings capable of making money

Rohepodcast Tarvo Õng

What is a Virtual Power Plant and how does it work?