Here is an overview of the grant programs Fusebox has participated in

Project name: “Balancing the electricity system and facilitating the integration of renewable energy into Kenya’s electricity system”

SFOS number: Kliima.3.01.20-0077

The project is financed by the Republic of Estonia.

Grant received: 93 841,20 euros.

The project will demonstrate a European demand response solution for market participants in Kenya. As a result of this example, it will be possible to start developing the necessary legislation and IT infrastructure in the country to enable the commercialization of the project.

Progress: Fusebox started a cooperation project with the Kenyan Ministry of Energy at the beginning of this year with the aim to introduce and demonstrate the potential of balancing demand response for local electricity system security.

As part of the project, at the beginning of September in 2021, Tarvo Õng and Erik Tamsalu from the Fusebox team participated in the State Visit to Kenya with Kersti Kaljulaid, the former president of Estonia.

The final visit to Kenya took place in December. The purpose of the visit was to connect Kenyan pilot users with the Fusebox virtual power plant. The focus was mainly on electrical and automation work to enable the customers involved in the project to participate in demand response.

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