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Fusebox’s flexibility platform lets you offer your clients added benefits such as passive revenue, reduced CO2 emissions, and lower monthly energy bills. Our real-time data analytics empower your clients to take control of their energy usage and respond to market signals efficiently, reducing their reliance on traditional energy sources.
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Flexible assets to ancillary markets

We assist you in leveraging your portfolio’s flexibility by participating in the ancillary markets, which allows you to offer valuable services such as FCR-N, FCR-D, aFRR, and mFRR. Our advanced bidding engine allows for precise segmentation of your portfolio assets and automated bidding to the TSO, streamlining the process for you.


Operational awareness

Fusebox’s system gathers consumption data at a sampling frequency of up to 1 second, enabling you to validate your estimated power profiles with greater accuracy.


Peak shaving and shifting

Our fully automated software helps you to lower the end customer’s energy bills and improve energy efficiency. It also alleviates strain on the grid, provides environmental benefits, and ensures a more reliable energy supply during periods of high demand or grid instability.

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What can Fusebox {+do for you?+}

Easy integration

Integrate our software with various Distributed Energy Resources (DER) via IoT protocols or hardware.

Manage flexibility

Automate dispatches in real-time for the ancillary markets and trading.

Automated reporting

Precisely track flexible asset performance, customize reports, and simplify communication with automated billing on our platform.

Our software works in the following sectors

Industrial complexes


revenue made from electricity bill

Whatever your industrial segment, our software helps regulate your compressors, pumps and production lines



increased revenue

Give your battery superpowers by installing Fusebox’s software. We will maximize your investments by actively trading with your battery assets on the energy market

Cold Storages


revenue made from electricity bill

Make your cold compressors, pumps and HVAC system work for you by installing Fusebox’s software

Climate control


revenue made from electricity bill

We can reduce your heat pump’s energy consumption by over 50% during peak demand hours without affecting the quality of its work

Commercial buildings


revenue made from electricity bill

Whether you own a shopping center, an office building or a hotel, our software helps to reduce your energy bill by over 10%

EV chargers


revenue made from electricity bill

Don’t just save the planet by driving green – Fusebox’s software helps you reduce your CO2 emissions and energy bill during charging as well

Things might’ve gotten complicated - lets clear a few things

Our most frequently asked questions

Fusebox’s software works on devices that you can turn off or reduce consumption for a short period without it affecting your everyday work processes. These devices are usually pumps, compressors, air conditioning systems, heat pumps, refrigeration equipment, etc.

If you are unsure if you can consume electricity flexibly then contact our sales and we will help you map your capabilities.

That is great! To join Fusebox please contact our sales department who will guide you through the process. You can use the feedback form below to contact us.

In order to start using our services you have to connect your automation to Fusebox’s software. In most cases it takes about a days work and is done by the company providing you automation support.

To start using our services you have to connect your automation to Fusebox’s cloud-based software platform and we will do the rest. Once connected our software will send out signals to your machinery, letting it shift its consumption to cheaper electricity price hours and letting it participate in grid balancing services to earn additional revenue.

If your automation supports cloud-based connections, then all we need is to integrate your system into our platform and you can start saving on the energy bills.

For localized automation systems that do not support cloud-based connectivity, we offer our special controller that allows the system to receive outside signals.

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