Fusebox is many

Fusebox consists of talented individuals adamant about a greener future and less energy wasted. Thanks to our long experience and in-house competence we are highly adaptable to the ever-changing situation of the energy market.

Our mission

To empower our partners and their clients with cutting-edge tools to manage energy innovatively and profitably while promoting sustainable practices.

Our vision

To be a global pioneer of innovative energy management solutions.

Sales & Marketing

Aleksandr Sepp

Head of Strategic Partnership

As an educated engineer Aleksandr “Sass” Sepp soon found his career in sales, building new teams and directing new markets in the construction and building sector for 12 years in different European markets. ​

Edvardas Norkeliūnas

Strategic Partnership Manager

Edvardas doesn’t hold any punches when it comes to electricity. A Master’s degree in electrical engineering and more than 10 years of experience working as a Head of Electricity Sales in a prominent energy company makes him a black belt in the European energy market.  

Markus Hummel

Partnership Manager DACH Region

Markus, with a PhD in European electricity deregulation and an MBA from Oxford, boasts 25+ years as an energy sector expert, founding and scaling innovative technology companies. Utilizing his vast global network, he leads international sales efforts at Fusebox.

Jaan Tiiman

Head of Marketing and PR

With over 20 years of marketing experience across diverse organizations, including investment banks and ad agencies, Jaan is well-prepared to elevate Fusebox’s marketing and PR efforts to unprecedented heights. His prior work in the energy and software sectors uniquely positions him for this role.


Tarvo Õng


With over 11 years of experience in the energy sector and more than 25 years in sales and international trade, Tarvo possesses a deep understanding of the industry and a keen ability to identify new opportunities in energy markets. He also boasts a history of successful start-ups in various sectors.

Aleksander Mürisep


With 10+ years in finance and early-stage IT firms, Aleksander navigates founding teams, large corporations, and scaling companies like fish in water. Always prioritizing impactful tasks in a collaborative environment, he is used to working with tight deadlines and limited resources.

Teele Kruzman


Teele, an accomplished Chief Operating Officer with 10 years of experience, brings her extensive global operations management expertise to Fusebox. Always goal-oriented, she dedicates herself to optimizing finances, fostering collaboration, and implementing efficient strategies, propelling our entire team to new heights.


Neeme Takis

Integration Manager

Neeme is the hardware wizard behind the Fusebox’s aggregation solution, helping connect new clients easily to our software platform. His formula for success – decades of experience in hardware and software coupled with a thorough knowledge of the technology sector.

Timo Tolmusk

Product Development Manager

Timo has degrees in Physics and Product Development, blending academic knowledge with practical skills. His prior experience in energy companies and startups has given him deep industry insight and a proactive can-do attitude when tackling complex engineering tasks.

Sten Tamberg

Aggregation Manager Nordics

Sten boasts over a decade of global expertise in technical solution engineering across industrial automation, renewables, energy storage, and control systems. Prior to joining Fusebox, he successfully crafted solutions for 14 Fortune 500 companies.

Donatas Braziulis

Baltic Aggregation and Product Manager

With more than 9 years of expertise in energy management, product development, and system integration, Donatas possesses a wealth of knowledge and a vibrant enthusiasm for perpetual learning, ensuring he remains at the forefront of emerging technologies in the energy sector.

IT and Development

Aleksandr Požidajev

Head of IT

Aleksandr Požidajev (or simply Aleks) has over 10 years of software analysis and planning experience by working as a IT team lead in some of Estonia’s most prominent software companies. Today he is responsible for planning development activities and finding effective solutions for integrating with new energy markets.

Rauno Kaasik

Lead Software Developer

Before joining Fusebox Rauno gathered a decade of software development experience from leading IT companies. Today he can write off to his name the machine learning behind Fusebox’s platform, a task that many a competitors have said that can’t be done.

Ago Henry Altjõe

Full Stack Developer

Henry is a Full Stack Software Developer who hates to fail and thanks to his meticulous nature, strong focus on high-quality code, and years of experience in B2B and B2C environments he very rarely does. He is a strong addition to our IT team.

Dan Siimson

Full Stack Developer

Bringing more than 5 years of experience in the .NET field to Fusebox, Dan offers robust problem-solving abilities, a deep grasp of diverse software development methodologies, and his quirky sense of humor.


Carol Eiche

Account Manager

Possessing a Master’s degree in distributed energy and a solid sales background at leading energy retailers in the Baltics, Carol combines essential sales and customer support skills. This enables her to effectively explain the nuances of the balancing market to new clients while providing technical assistance to existing ones.

Anita Rotberg

Office Manager

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