We are happy to announce our cooperation with JSC “Elteros projektai”, one of the largest automation engineering companies in Lithuania. Through this cooperation “Elteros projektai” can now offer electricity peak price shaving and demand response services to its customers, taking a big step towards a more sustainable environment.

“One of the most important topics nowadays is sustainability and saving energy”, remarked Matas Mankevičius, the director of Elteros projektai. “Through Fusebox we have acquired the necessary tools to offer our customers a substantial lowering of their energy bill and CO2 emissions at the same time. Our organization is very happy with this start and has no doubts about good results in the future.”

The Fusebox demand response solution is solving the global problem of balancing the electricity supply and demand in the electricity system. Demand response is a change in power consumption to better match the demand with the supply. Flexible demand is cheaper and cleaner for society, compared to fossil fuel generators.

When energy consumption increases and exceeds the electricity supply, instead of generating more electricity, often with fossil fuels, the solution reduces consumption with the help of electricity consumers, connected with the Fusebox platform. Accordingly, when excessive energy is available, consumption can be increased.

Karolis Kiguolis, Fusebox’s partner in Lithunia, says that we are delighted to partner with “Elteros projektai” for this sustainability solution. “I think now is the time for actions and not for words”, said Kiguolis. “We have all seen the huge volatility of the electricity prices and the negative effect that fossil fuel peaker plants have on the environment. All this can be changed through demand response and Elteros projektai has taken a big step towards providing it.

JSC “Elteros projektai” is one of the largest automation engineering companies in Lithuania, which has been performing automation work on various control systems for more than 12 years. We are a team of certified and experienced specialists, we carry out work from the idea to the final result in the fields of process control and automation, low/high voltage systems, and industrial automation that meet your needs and requirements. We strive for the highest quality standards. Our advantages are professionalism, versatility, and the ability to fulfill agreed obligations with quality and time.

Fusebox started in 2014 and is the largest electricity consumption management provider in the Baltics. The company helps its customers reduce electricity bills through usage optimization while earning them additional revenue from the balancing market. Fusebox’s software is free to use, and the company pays its customers to use it.