Premia Tallinn Cold Storage is the oldest and biggest ice cream producer in Estonia. With over 5000 tons of their tasty ice cream leaving the production lines every year it is important to keep the products cold and energy costs down.

Premia has been using Fusebox’s virtual power plant solution since 2019, which has significantly reduced the company’s electricity consumption.

“We have been using the Fusebox solution for more than a year and a half, and during that time the plant’s electricity consumption has decreased almost 96 MWh, which has helped us prevent about 36,000 kilograms of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. Literally, we have balanced an annual oil shale energy consumption of fifty average households,” said Aivar Aus, Chairman of the Board of Premia.

The Fusebox virtual power plant solution shuts off refrigeration compressors up 10 times a day for up to half an hour. In this way, the system ensures the maintenance of a temperature suitable for the production and storage of high-quality ice cream and also offers flexibility to the electricity system, helping to balance the production and consumption of electricity in the electricity system. Balancing demand response is an alternative to fossil fuel power plants, said Premia.

Find out more and read the company’s press release here (in Estonian)