Being at the forefront of the energy balancing business, Fusebox’s scientists have developed an innovative way to balance energy. The new solution promises to make balancing about 5 times more efficient than anything on the market, providing many additional benefits to both business and home users.

“It is a pivotal moment in the energy business”, says Tarvo Õng, the CEO of Fusebox. “We are very excited to announce that a new and very effective way exists to balance energy. The new direction is not only eco-friendly but will result in huge savings for all our clients. It will be ready for commercial use by May 2022, with a lot of traction already being generated on the investor side.”

The science behind it

“The science comes from the 1960s and is moderated for today’s digital use”, says Erik Tamsalu Sr. “While balancing energy it is very important to understand what needs balancing. For this, we have put together a simple diagram to explain what a balanced and imbalanced energy system looks like.”

“As you can see from the diagrams, an imbalanced system generates a lot of negative feelings, which degrades the entire system. Our studies have shown that a lot of negative energy has been added to the system in recent years, resulting in a strong shift.
To counter this, we have devised many incentives to add more positive energy. Combining them in a clever way we have shown that we can raise the positive energy more than 5 times.”, mentioned Tamsalu Sr.

Our findings surprised us as to the effectiveness of some of these.

Fusebox has been in the business of balancing energy and changing people’s hearts towards the positive since 2014. Today the company has reached more than 10 000 people with its positive vibes.