If you ask us what we were doing in Fusebox this morning, then the answer would be simple: we were singlehandedly balancing the whole of Estonia’s energy grid. Between 7 – 10 AM Fusebox’s client companies used their electricity flexibly enough so that the people in Estonia could wake up to the smell of coffee and watch TV without any electrical problems.

Tarvo Õng, the CEO of Fusebox had this to comment: “This is very good news not only for Fusebox but for all electricity consumers in Estonia, showing that it is possible to cover the need for extra energy solely by consuming flexibly. It could not have happened without forward thinking companies, who have shown through Fusebox’s software a feat worthy of David and Goliath.”

Today all electricity consumers benefited, as balanced consumption reduces the price of electricity for the customer and depreciation for machines, and also saves nature by pushing fossil fuel peaker plants out.

Flexible consumption or demand response is a service on the Estonian energy market where the consumer gets paid by Elering for reducing their electricity consumption during peak demand hours. This is done automatically through Fusebox’s software, that either switches off or reduces the load on machines like heat pumps and air conditioning units for short periods of time without impacting the quality of the everyday life. By doing this it is possible save in some cases up to 30% of your monthly electricity bill.

If you also want to save on energy then give us a call (+372 534 40574) or write us an email (aleksandr@fusebox.energy)

Launched in 2014, Fusebox is the largest demand response solution provider in the Baltic region. The company helps its clients to reduce their electricity bills through usage optimization and by earning additional revenue from balancing markets.