During a week-long event at Expo2020 in Dubai, the Fusebox team developed a solution where companies using Siemens devices or cloud services, such as commercial and retail buildings, industrial buildings, energy storage devices, EV charging stations, etc. can connect to the Fusebox consumption management and balancing platform in a simplified way. Fusebox was announced as one of the finalists out of hundreds of potential solutions.

The event, which took place during World Expo, focused on technological solutions for sustainable future buildings, to highlight the role of buildings in the future of power grids, and to display possibilities to add value to the existing and new buildings.

“Siemens is represented in more than 200 countries and the long-term partnership with Siemens is a great recognition for us,” said Erik Tamsalu, Fusebox Development Manager. “Fusebox is rapidly expanding into new international markets, and as a result of the cooperation, companies using Siemens’ technology and solutions will have a simplified way to connect to Fusebox platform in Estonia and around the world,” explained Tamsalu.

“The recognition of Fusebox once again demonstrates the strength of the Estonian ICT-sector and shows its high level to the entire world,” added Tamsalu.

The Siemens MindShpere Future Buildings World Series was held for the first time, taking place during the World Expo. Siemens is also an official partner of this year’s World Expo, and most of the smart infrastructure at the Expo (buildings, power generation, energy storage) is managed and monitored through Siemens’ cloud services.