Electricity is no longer something you just use but a commodity that each consumer can trade with on the energy market. This is where smart batteries come in, providing immense business opportunities in uncertain electricity markets, whether you are a consumer, a producer, or simply want to trade with energy.

At the beginning of December 2022 Fusebox together with Pixii held a free webinar called: “Creating a competitive advantage through smart batteries in uncertain electricity markets”.


Webinar details

The battery-based energy storage company Pixii and the Estonian software company Fusebox combine their forces in the Green ICT project supported by Norway Grants. Since the beginning of 2022, we have installed and operated 3 unique commercial-scale battery systems in the Baltics and the Nordic region.

Thanks to Fusebox’s software these energy storage devices are linked 24/7 to the energy market, helping to automatically trade during best price hours and participate in different energy market services such as demand response.

After almost a year of successful operations, we can show through empirical data just how well these battery systems have coped with the meteoric rise of energy prices, price volatility, growing CO2 awareness, and energy security.


Discussion points:

During the webinar we presented real-life solutions and analyzed the results from the following case studies:

  • Batteries for trading on the Nord Pool energy market
  • Batteries for PV, wind, and hydropower producers
  • Batteries for energy consumers
  • Batteries for hybrid energy consumption systems


Watch the webinar here

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