Free webinar:

Creating a competitive advantage through smart batteries in uncertain electricity markets

30.05.2023, 13:00 – 15:00 GMT+2

The global push towards renewable energy and new electricity markets and services are creating a lucrative market for batteries. During the webinar Fusebox, the software company offering flexibility and Pixii, the battery-based energy storage company will present how smart batteries provide immense business opportunities, whether you are a consumer, a producer, or simply want to trade with energy.

Join our speakers:

  • Erik Tamsalu (Development Manager, Fusebox)
  • Ole Jakob Sørdalen (Chief Innovation & Sustainability Officer, Pixii)

    Webinar details

    Pixii, a battery-based energy storage company, has joined forces with Fusebox, an Estonian software company, in the Green ICT project supported by Norway Grants. Since the beginning of 2022, we have successfully installed and operated three innovative commercial-scale battery systems in the Baltics and the Nordic region.

    Thanks to Fusebox’s advanced software, these energy storage devices are seamlessly integrated into the energy market, enabling automated trading during optimal pricing hours and active participation in various energy market services such as demand response.

    With almost a year of successful operations behind us, we can now present empirical data showcasing the exceptional performance of these battery systems in the face of soaring energy prices, price volatility, increasing CO2 awareness, and enhanced energy security.



    • 30th of May 2023
    • 13:00 – 14:00 (GMT+2)



    • Assessment of Baltic and Nordic Energy Markets’ Readiness for Implementing Battery Solutions
    • Unlocking Benefits: How Smart Energy Storage Systems Empower Electricity Consumers and Producers
    • Strengthening the National Energy Grid: Leveraging the Potential Benefits of Battery Solutions


    The objective of this webinar is to demonstrate the advantages of smart energy storage solutions in the face of fluctuating energy prices. We will showcase practical applications and examine the outcomes derived from the subsequent case studies:

    • Batteries for trading on the Nord Pool energy market
    • Batteries for PV, wind, and hydropower producers
    • Batteries for energy consumers
    • Batteries for hybrid energy consumption systems


    Edvardas Norkeliūnas

    Strategic Partnership Manager

    Edvardas doesn’t hold any punches when it comes to electricity. A Master’s degree in electrical engineering and more than 10 years of experience working as a Head of Electricity Sales in a prominent energy company makes him a black belt in the European energy market.  

    Georg Ostermaier

    Founder, CEO, Decision Trees GmbH

    Georg Ostermaier, with a graduate degree in Electrical Engineering and a PhD in Operations Research, is the founder of Decision Trees GmbH, a company specializing in stochastic optimization software for the energy sector, enhancing profits for producers across Europe.

    Jaan Tiiman

    Head of Marketing and PR

    With over 20 years of marketing experience across diverse organizations, including investment banks and ad agencies, Jaan is well-prepared to elevate Fusebox’s marketing and PR efforts to unprecedented heights. His prior work in the energy and software sectors uniquely positions him for this role.

    Norway Grants „Green ICT“ program

    This project aims to reduce energy sector carbon intensity while increasing the energy system’s efficiency.

    Project name: Demand response combination with energy storage system

    Amount of support: 691 601€

    Implementation period: 01.06.2021 – 01.06.2023

    About the project

    Norway Grants Green ICT program gives Fusebox and Pixii the unique opportunity to collaborate on a renewable energy field project.

    The innovation of this project is to combine demand-side flexibility (demand response) with energy storage systems (modular batteries) into a hybrid solution.

    While existing infrastructure was built to support centralised electricity generation, we combine Fusebox’s competence in demand response with Pixii’s energy storage expertise to enable next-generation energy infrastructure. The project allows real-time communication between electricity consumers, energy storage, and energy systems to maximise the use of renewables. It also helps to solve the issues related to variable generation. We offer an integrated flexibility system for a cost-effective, green, and resilient grid globally.

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