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Did you know your electrical assets can earn you money in the energy market with Fusebox’s software. It’s the simple and most affordable way to cut energy costs and reduce CO2. Contact us now for details.
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100% flexible


Save on energy bill

Fusebox’s software cuts your energy bill by up to 20% by shifting consumption from high-demand hours to lower-priced periods.

Save on CO2

Fusebox’s software reduces your CO2 emissions by shifts your consumption to lower-demand times, reducing reliance on polluting fossil fuel power plants for a greener energy system.

Avoid peak prices

Fusebox minimizes your energy costs by adjusting consumption away from peak hours, avoiding higher prices. This flexibility allows you to take advantage of lower-priced periods and reduce overall expenses.

Make passive revenue

Fusebox generates passive revenue by using your electricity flexibility to balance the energy grid during high demand. The greater your flexibility during peak hours, the higher your earnings.

Make the grid stable

Fusebox’s software stabilizes the grid by adjusting your electricity consumption during high demand or instability. It prevents disruptions, blackouts, and voltage fluctuations, improving grid reliability and stability.

Integrate renewables

By adopting flexible electricity consumption, you enable greater integration of renewables into the energy system. Our software ensures a balance with the variable nature of solar and wind energy by adjusting your usage accordingly. For instance, during periods of high renewable generation, we increase your consumption to absorb excess supply.

Case Studies

  • Nordnet - Cold storage

    Nordnet have always greeted a measure to reduce its electricity bill. Before joining Fusebox demand response platform we used to adjust our consumption according to Nord Pool day-ahead price.

    • 10%saved from monthly energy bill
    • 44tof CO2 emissions reduced annually
  • Rimi Estonia - Retailer

    Rimi has the ambition to be sustainable and climate neutral. That means we are interested in efficiency-driven innovative energy solutions and Fusebox Virtual Power Plant provides exactly that.

    • 14%saved from monthly energy bill
    • 39tof CO2 emissions reduced annually

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    Our mission

    Our mission is to enable a sustainable and affordable energy transition by turning conventional electrical appliances into virtual batteries. This new and highly controllable dimension makes the electricity system more robust and less dependent on polluting peaker power plants. The outcome is a cleaner future with lower energy prices and higher energy security.