Energy storage systems

If you have a battery, if no one else can help,
and if you can find them, maybe you can hire Fusebox

AI-driven power management

We offer you a plug & play battery management solution that brings the energy storage system’s ROI down to 2-5 years.

Free software

& fast integration

We help you increase your energy production sales revenue by about 100%, save up to 30% from the cost of energy at the point of consumption while letting you avoid peak price hours.
  • Reduce CO2 levels
  • Avoid peak price consumption hours
  • Generate revenue
  • Reduce ROI

Our services for battery owners

You can use your battery for your own consumption, want to trade on the energy market, or supplement your renewable power generation – we help you maximize its value.
Our software is easy to install and it lets you automate all the battery functionalities so you can generate new revenue 365 days a year. You will be able to better manage your network restrictions and maximize your connection point value.
European energy markets


in new energy markets
Fusebox helps you manage network restrictions through smart battery management


network restrictions
Fusebox's software will help you make your battery profitable


return on battery investment

1) Peak price shifting

Our software helps you avoid peak price hours by automatically switching your consumption to the energy in your battery, helping you lower your monthly energy bill.

2) Ancillary services

Our software doesn’t just make you money by charging during cheap hours and selling during expensive ones. It also trades on such energy markets as FCR and the balancing market, where the energy prices are up to 3x bigger.

3) Maximize the value of renewables

A battery is a must, when producing renewable energy. By combining it with our software you can always avoid “cannibalism” by averting lower prices throughout the daytime. Our smart charging also lets store energy from the grid during cheap night hours & during calm weather.

4) Grid congestion and tariff optimization

Our software manages your connection point limitations, helping you avoid penalties and grid congestions.

5) Operational insights, billing & reporting

Through Fusebox’s software you will get access to real-time data visualization which we track on a 1-second bases. This gives you complete overview of how well your energy storage units are performing.

Map your battery needs

Contact us if you want to know what size battery to buy and how fast it will pay off. We will help you map your needs and give you suggestions based on your personal needs.

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