• 20%saved from monthly energy bill
  • 500tof CO2 emissions reduced annually
  • 800 kWof totally automated flexibility
  • 0%of core business affected
It is estimated that two 400 kW shredders earn the pellet manufacturer over 300 000 EUR revenue during the period of 5 years.

Can you go carbon negative?

The pellets manufactured in the facility are considered a carbon-neutral energy source. It means that burning these pellets would produce no more carbon than it has absorbed during its life cycle. The demand response could be used in order to become even greener and reduce the cost of electricity.

Flexible use of energy

It is hard to find consumption flexibility from a fully automated process based factory. Because it was designed to provide the highest output at optimal costs. Nonetheless together with the client, we found that wood shredders are a perfect source of flexibility. Shredders can not be stopped quickly after the demand response signal. Therefore we are offering these to the secondary regulation markets. It gives the shredding process about 10 minutes to end the ongoing cycle.


Shredders can be used in demand response products that do not require fast response. On the other hand, shredders can be turned off or stopped for longer periods than other critical equipment. Additional sensors for measuring the amount of shredded wood were installed in order to assure we can safely offset few hours long peaks.