• 60%of market share in Greece
  • 11.1 GWof generation capacity
  • Millions of customers
  • Diverse generationacross various energy sources
Discover how Fusebox's VPP software assists Greece's largest utility in phasing out lignite for more sustainable power production

1. Introduction

This case study focuses on a leading electric utility in Greece and its journey towards becoming a financially and environmentally sustainable modern digital utility. Central to this transformation has been the implementation of Fusebox’s Virtual Power Plant (VPP) software, which played a pivotal role in optimizing energy operations.

2. Corporate Overview

The utility is Greece’s largest power generation company and the sole distributor of electricity, holding a significant market share. With a diverse generation capacity of 11.1 GW, including thermal, hydro, and renewable energy sources, it serves millions of customers, covering a substantial percentage of total electricity supplied in Greece in 2022. The company’s commitment to sustainability is highlighted by its extensive renewable energy portfolio.

3. Aim of the Utility

The utility’s vision is to become a financially and environmentally sustainable modern digital utility. Its key targets include prioritizing green energy, enhancing operational efficiency, customer-centric services, improving financial health, increasing profitability, and expanding into adjacent markets.

4. Company at a Glance

  • Largest power generation company in Greece
  • 11.1 GW installed capacity
  • Significant percentage of market share in Greece
  • Diversified generation across various energy sources
  • Commitment to phase out lignite
  • Substantial increase in renewable energy capacity

5. Transformation Journey

The company’s strategic initiatives are aligned with embracing sustainability and modernization. This includes phasing out lignite, focusing on renewable energy, and expanding renewable capacity to demonstrate commitment to green energy.

6. Introduction to Fusebox’s VPP Software

Fusebox’s VPP software is key to the utility’s energy optimization efforts. The utility’s complex energy portfolio requires innovative solutions to enhance grid stability and streamline energy management.

7. Implementation Process

The utility leverages Fusebox’s services to build its Demand Response (DR) portfolio, extending DR services to smaller and medium-sized electricity consumers, especially in the B2B sector. The initial phase involves offering manual Frequency Restoration Reserve (mFRR) capabilities, facilitated by Fusebox’s software. Fusebox’s services also include implementing Energy Management System (EMS) functionalities, offering price-based consumption shifting.

Detailed Process:

  • Fusebox collaborated with the utility to meet national mFRR service requirements.
  • Fusebox defined the scope of development.
  • Training and onboarding of utility personnel for integration with Fusebox’s software.
  • Assistance with platform capabilities and client asset integrations.
  • Support for portfolio construction and prequalification at the Transmission System Operator (TSO).
  • Day-to-day support in engineering and operations.
  • Support for future development as new needs arise.
  • Support for significant market developments and platform modernization.

8. Results Achieved

  • Multi-portfolio approach with several independent DR portfolios.
  • Enhanced reach and impact in the energy market, especially among SMEs.
  • Significant shift towards green energy, aligning with goals to phase out coal.

9. Key Benefits

  • Multi-portfolio approach with diverse DR portfolios.Enhanced market reach to SME assets.
  • Shift towards green energy and reduced reliance on large, polluting power stations.

10. Future Outlook

The partnership with Fusebox is set to expand services in Greece, aspiring to pioneer in areas like aFRR and FCR. The goal is to create the first platform-to-platform interface with the TSO and give the utility the necessary know-how, tools and platform to integrate DR assets, demonstrating a commitment to continuous innovation in energy management.

11. Conclusion

The partnership has led to significant advancements in managing energy flexibility, positioning the utility as a leader in sustainable energy solutions in Greece and beyond.

12. About Fusebox

Fusebox specializes in cutting-edge Virtual Power Plant solutions for optimizing energy management and enhancing sustainability. Contact us to learn how our solutions can revolutionize your energy operations.