Fusebox and EG EnerKey have entered into a partnership to offer EG EnerKey’s customers a solution for electricity demand response. The fully automated solution saves energy and reduces CO2 emissions and helps companies contribute to a greener, more sustainable environment.

Fusebox is solving the global problem of balancing the electricity supply and demand in the electricity system. Demand response is a change in the power consumption to better match the demand with the supply. Flexible demand is cheaper and cleaner for society, compared to fossil fuel generators.

When energy consumption increases and exceeds electricity supply, instead of generating more electricity, often with fossil fuels, the solution reduces consumption with the help of electricity consumers, connected with the Fusebox platform. Accordingly, when excessive energy is available, consumption can be increased.

With Fusebox, participation in electricity demand response has never been easier. The platform connects smart buildings with energy markets. The Fusebox solution uses the electrical inertia of the buildings to generate revenue for the building owners whilst leaving their core business unaffected. Fusebox trades inertia-based electrical flexibility to the energy markets that pay for the flexibility.

Tarvo Ong, the CEO of Fusebox, said that they are delighted to partner with EG EnerKey for this sustainability solution. “Cooperation with EG EnerKey is the perfect opportunity to introduce our demand response service to a range of new organisations,” he said. “The customers of EnerKey have high environmental awareness and a will to run their buildings sustainably, considering the costs at the same time. With EnerKey we can deliver our services to real-estate owners that currently qualify best to participate in offering balancing services to Fingrid, Finland’s transmission system operator. Connecting to the Fusebox platform is the easiest solution for such consumers to reduce costs and earn new revenue while also making the electricity grid more efficient and carbon neutral.”

“We are always searching for new ways of providing increasing value to our customers. Cooperation with Fusebox is a big step for us, as it opens the door for EG EnerKey´s customers to Fusebox´s demand response solutions, which leads to new possibilities of generating monetary and emission savings. As a part of our intelligence feature Ines, the electricity demand response use case also broadens our capabilities to use artificial intelligence and machine learning on a larger scale,” comments Iiro Kuntsi, Senior Manager, EG EnerKey´s Product Development.

The Fusebox Virtual Power Plant solution will be available for EG EnerKey’s customers in early 2022.

Watch the webinar recording to learn more.

More information:

Fusebox, Kristian Lahtinen, kristian.lahtinen@fusebox.energy, +358403669677

EG EnerKey, Iiro Kuntsi, iiro.kuntsi@enerkey.com, +358406578359


About Fusebox

Fusebox develops a platform to connect smart buildings with energy markets, enabling consumers to earn revenue, save on energy costs and contribute to decreasing CO2 emissions. The Fusebox solution uses the inertia of the buildings to generate revenue for the building owners while not affecting their core business. Fusebox trades inertia-based electrical flexibility to the energy markets that pay for the flexibility.

Fusebox is the first and biggest demand response flexibility provider in the Baltics that also operates in Finland, Sweden, Germany, Poland, Brazil. The company was established in 2014 and is headquartered in Tallinn, Estonia. The Fusebox platform is trusted by Siemens, StoraEnso, Technopolis, EG EnerKey, and many others.

Find out more at www.fusebox.energy


About EG EnerKey

EG EnerKey Sustainability & Energy Management System (SEMS) is one of the leading cloud-native SaaS solutions in the Nordic countries, for enterprises to manage resource data, energy consumption and sustainability. It holds ISO 50001 and ISO 14001 certification. The sustainability features include emissions reporting, waste reporting, traffic fuel monitoring and indoor air quality.

EG EnerKey SEMS is used by more than 1,500 customers. EnerKey manages resource data generated by more than 140,000 measurement points across 20,000 properties. Powered by EG EnerKey is a white label platform solution for energy companies, utilities, and SaaS providers, who want to offer EnerKey´s market-leading tools to their end-customers, branded with their own logo and visual appearance.

Find out more at www.enerkey.com.

About EG

EG is a market-leading vendor of industry-specific, standard software for private and public customers in the Nordics. EG’s Software-as-a-Service offerings are developed by specialists with deep industry and domain knowledge, supporting business-critical and administrative processes. EG employs 1,500+ people primarily in the Nordics and in 2020, Group revenue was DKK 1.4 billion. Find out more at global.eg.dk/about-eg/.