• €400mln revenue
  • 2.8GWof generation capacity
  • Large price volatility
  • Advanced balancing market services
See how Fusebox's VPP software revolutionized renewable energy management for a leading Northern European provider.
  1. Introduction

A mid-sized renewable energy provider in Northern Europe, particularly in Finland, faced challenges in managing its diverse energy portfolio. The company sought solutions to optimize energy production, reduce costs and enhance grid stability while offering innovative flexibility services to business customers.

  1. Client Background

The company, part of a larger energy group, exhibited strong fiscal management in 2022, with a significant turnover increase. Operating multiple renewable sources alongside traditional resources, they faced inefficiencies in energy balancing before implementing Fusebox’s VPP software.

  1. Problem Statement

Producing a substantial amount of renewable energy annually, the company struggled with aligning its renewable output with demand, leading to energy wastage, lower price performance, and occasional reliance on expensive backup systems.

  1. Solution Implemented

Fusebox’s Virtual Power Plant software was implemented to optimize the company’s energy management. The AI-driven software enhanced energy distribution, predicted demand, and integrated renewable sources into the grid more effectively.

  1. Fusebox’s Stages of Implementation

  • Stage 1: Implementation of a communication strategy to inform customers about market changes.
  • Stage 2: Introduction of automated systems for optimizing energy consumption based on market conditions.
  • Stage 3: Strategic management of assets through specialized external partnerships.
  • Stage 4: Integration of selected assets into the local energy balancing framework.
  • Stage 5: Expanded asset optimization, combining company and client resources for enhanced market participation.
  1. Implementation Process

Through collaborative workshops and training sessions, Fusebox’s VPP software was tailored to the company’s needs, ensuring effective utilization.

  1. Results Achieved

Post-implementation, the company saw a significant increase in renewable energy utilization, a 15% reduction in business client energy bills.

  1. Key Benefits

Benefits included enhanced grid stability, minimized energy wastage, improved reliability, and reduced operational costs.

  1. Future Outlook

Fusebox’s scalable solutions align with the company’s growth plans, supporting their expansion in renewable energy capacity. Ongoing collaboration aims to explore further enhancements.

  1. Conclusion

The partnership between the company and Fusebox led to significant advancements in managing energy flexibility, strengthening their position as a sustainable energy solutions provider in Northern Europe.

  1. About Fusebox

Fusebox specializes in Virtual Power Plant solutions for optimizing energy management and enhancing sustainability. Contact us to learn more about revolutionizing your energy operations.