In a groundbreaking development that promises to redefine the energy landscape, Fusebox has introduced its latest innovation, the Smart Grid-Peak Load-Artificial Intelligence-Net Metering-Kilowatt-hour-Machine Learning-Ancillary service, or SPANKMA for short. This pioneering technology leverages the advanced Blockchain-Hydrogen-Net Zero-Distributed Energy Resource (or B-HND) platform and is poised to accelerate the green transition with unprecedented efficiency and effectiveness.

With its roots deeply embedded in Virtual Power Plants (VPP) and Demand Response (DR), Fusebox’s SPANKMA B-HND is a testament to the company’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of energy management. This new technology promises to enhance the green transition to the point where you feel it physically.

The SPANKMA B-HND’s performance has already made a print on the industry, with its energy density metrics shattering the existing standard of 15kW/LiterMeter/h by a staggering 72 times. Tarvo Õng, the visionary CEO of Fusebox, shared his enthusiasm: “The results we’re seeing with SPANKMA B-HND are not just numbers; you can feel the difference after using it for yourself.”

Designed for use during the evening peak hours yet adaptable for morning use, SPANKMA B-HND caters to a broad spectrum of energy demands. Early adopters of this technology have reported some pain and discomfort during the initial trial runs, yet the consensus is clear: the more you use SPANKMA B-HND, the more you grow to like it.

“As innovators, we understand that the introduction of groundbreaking technology comes with its challenges,” Õng stated. “However, the positive transformation we’ve observed in our initial users, both in terms of ease of use and performance, is incredibly encouraging.”

SPANKMA B-HND units are ready for immediate deployment, equipped with all necessary hardware for aggregators and consumers. For those eager to be at the forefront of the energy revolution, Fusebox invites you to experience SPANKMA B-HND firsthand. You can register for a free demo at